Hire a Wildlife Control Operator

If wildlife are causing damage to your home or property, and all non-lethal methods of control have been unsuccessful, you may want to hire a licensed nuisance wildlife control operator (NWCO) to trap and remove the animal or bird.

There are two types NWCOs for hire:

  1. Class A NWCOs are licensed to remove most game mammals, furbearing mammals, other mammals, and game birds covered by the Wildlife Code in Illinois. Common species include: bats, beaver, coyotes, muskrats, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and woodchucks. Note: any species on the state or federal threatened or endangered species list, white-tailed deer, and migratory birds may not be taken by Class A NWCOs). You may use the map below to find a licensed Class A NWCO near you; use the pins or search by zip code.
  2. Class D NWCOs are licensed to remove migratory birds (e.g., geese, ducks, raptors, and woodpeckers). To find your nearest Class D NWCO in Illinois, reference this list of current permit holders: Class D NWCO List

Individuals who want to become licensed Class A Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators will need to pass a test administered by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The study packet is available HERE.

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